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The BEST jokes on the net are at FunniGurls!  Thousads of jokes are posted already with more coming every day! Home of the famous I LOVE YOU NOW IT'S WRITTEN IN STONE rocks! Beautiful Gifts! Suggest CyberKisses to your friends and family!!!! Beautiful Gifts!

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WE ARE BACK!!!!! Let me tell you it has been a looooooooong road... I am feeling much better now...nuthin' worse than being sick for months at a time!
I will strive to keep CyberKisses updated from now on..

I would like to thank the thousands of loyal CK users who kept using CK.
Thanks...and remember the cards here are fun and FREE!

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I'm running a little survey and I'd love  it if everyone would take a minute and participate.
Survey Vote here Share your horror date story(s)!
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Love ya week April 19-25th
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Canadian Tax Day April 30th ROCKS!..

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