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Welcome to Animated CyberKisses
Valentines Page

Valentine's Day Quote: 
"And think not that you can guide the course of love, for love, 
if it finds you worthy, shall guide your course." 

Don't forget you can send Easter, St Patricks, Mothers and Fathers day cards from Animated CyberKisses
Valentines Cards Valentines Cards Lovely Valentines cards you can send to anyone and everyone.
Send Em your Heart! Send em your heart

Send them some cute heart cards! Lost of Hearts here!

Good info here! Valentines Day

The Story Of St. Valentine's Day celebration

Cupid Info Cupid Legend The Legend of Cupid and Psyche..
The legend of the little Chubby Cherub Cupid The legend of the little Chubby Cherub.
The ten commandments of a healthy Relationship 10 Commands The ten commandments of a healthy Relationship.
Tips for romantic evening. Romantic Tips Readers of Animated CyberKisses share their tips for romantic evening.
Love Cards Cards History A Brief history of Valentines Cards.
Have your Valentines Cards stamped Love Stamps Have your Valentines Cards stamped at either Loveland Colorado or Valentines Nebraska or Love Saskatchewan
 Loves wives tales Loves wives tales Old wives' tales, Victorian nonsense, or just amusing enchantments romanticisms 
have been passed down throughout the centuries.
 Recipes Recipes Valentines is coming soon, and you want to make the night a special one 
so why not give a gift from the heart, and prepare a special meal. 
Rose Meanings Rose Meanings Rose stories and some different meanings of their colors.
Natural Highs Natural Highs Natural Highs..
Love Cards Love Cards Love Cards.... Express your Love with these fun cards...
Puppy Love  Puppy Love Puppy Love...  Cute pictures of a puppy that you can send to anyone.
Jungle Love Jungle Love Fun Jungle Love cards!!!
Marry Me Cards Marry Me Cards Has all this kissing and hugging worked? Send a Marry Me card!!
I love you! 60 different ways to say I Love You.. 60 different ways to say I love you...
Love stone meanings Love stone meanings Love stone meanings from the expert!
Heart warming story's about first kisses... First Kiss Page On this page users of CK share their first kiss story's with us. 
There are some very heart warming story's here.  
You'll find the flirting advice here too..
If you'd like to share your first kiss please visit this page.
Find out what a hug is made of... Anatomy of
 a Hug 
Everything you've ever wanted to know about hugs...
Hug poem.. Hug poem A cute poem about hugs...
The Constitution of Love The Constitution of love...A guide for love...
Open Your Heart Open your heart to love.exe 
Flowers Flowers are always appreciated..
Missing You Missing your love?  Send a Missing you or a Welcome Home card..
Anniversary Send a Happy Anniversary card...Guys...DON'T FORGET!! ~*s*~

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