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Welcome to the CyberKisses contributors page.

These fine people contributed to cyberkisses poetry contest.
You can read their work below and on the cards you send out..
I would like to thank you all for your contributions...

another fine example of the artwork here at CyberKisses...

For You
By Joy Manandic

Look into my eyes and trust me.
Look into my mind and understand me.
Look into my heart and love me.
Look into me soul and feel what I feel.
Listen to my heart and hear me with clarity.
Look into my eyes and see the truth and honesty in my love.
Be by my side and this passion will bind us forever.

another fine example of the artwork here at CyberKisses...
Roberta Wallace
*no title*

You can't live on yesterday's
or "what if's and might have been's",
Must live for today
and let the tomorrow's begin.

Yesterday is dead and gone
no more to see the suns light,
Yet tomorrow is unwritten
a winged hope taking flight.

So dwell no more
on what was once before,
It can't be changed
just close that creaky door.

Open up the future
it can be so rich and true,
If only you believe
in the strength in you.

another fine example of the artwork here at CyberKisses...
Wendy A. VanDerwalker

In my heart,
I have you to hold
In your eyes,
I can see forever unfold

another fine example of the artwork here at CyberKisses...
Radley King


Last night before I went to bed,
Thoughts of you filled my troubled head.
Though I've not cried this way in many years,
On to my pillow fell six silent tears.

The first was for your smile that I miss,
And the taste of your tender lips that I long to kiss.
The second was for your angel face,
And the thoughts of your warm, loving embrace.

The third comes as no surprise,
As I thought of your beautiful, bright, loving eyes.
After this the fourth came rolling...
Instead of my pillow, it was you I should be holding.

The fifth came for one reason alone...
I felt my love for you was not fully shown.
I really miss you, my love, my dear...
There just fell my sixth tear.

another fine example of the artwork here at CyberKisses...

I traveled on my way without a guide.
And felt no need to seek another’s charms.
I never felt a darkness deep inside,
Or longed to bare my soul in someone’s arms.
And you, as well, alone had sought your prize.
And needed none to make yourself complete.
Your sights were set so clearly in your eyes.
Your narrow path had room for just two feet.
But then the fates smiled sweetly on us two,
And showed us both what life can be at last.
For now this love, so wonderful and new,
Gives light so bright and heals for us our past.
’Twas strange to learn our lives had been so dark,
When blinded by the smile within our heart.


So many love just what the eye can see,
And want to have, to hold, but not to give.
They seek to capture that which must be free
For only then will life know how to live.
The best of who you are is deep inside.
True loveliness abounds with strength and grace.
Within your heart your essence does reside,
Revealed to those who see beyond a face.
My love does not depend on things you do.
Or choices made, or fickle circumstance.
Not on your perfect form or eyes so blue,
Or beauty that bursts forth with every glance.
It’s not what all can see that draws me near.
I know your heart, and that’s what I hold dear.

another fine example of the artwork here at CyberKisses...


When i look into the mirror, i reflect you, the same ears eyes and nose,
When i look down, i see you , the same hands legs and feet
When i look deep inside me i understand you, the same kindness, love and trust
Others distance themselves from you, they hide change and leave, but i carry you with me forever,

by liz
I'm 13 years old,

another fine example of the artwork here at CyberKisses...
By Paula


It was winter when we met.
Winter in my heart and in yours, hoping for a sign of Spring.
A ray of sunlight in a wry smile,
A shared laugh like a brook breaking free of the ice,
Like crocuses, our small joys multiplied, assuring us that the thaw had come.
We planted our hopes together in soil made rich by experince.
We will weed carefully now,
Allowing growing space as we cull that which wastes energy,
Directing it toward nurturing what we want to keep.
The ever-changing climate is a challenge we will meet together,
Protecting from heavy weather and frost.
It is a labor of love, this garden we have started in our hearts.
A lifelong tending, side by side.
Let us make good use of our sunny days so that Winter's cold will never touch
us again.
I love you.

another fine example of the artwork here at CyberKisses...
Penalope Heilman-Valtierra


You still make my heart flutter,
my pulse race,
and my thoughts wicked...
You are the only drug I need...
the only man I want...
I've ever known...
You are the love of my life!
I am yours...completely!

another fine example of the artwork here at CyberKisses... ROCKS!..

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another fine example of the artwork here at CyberKisses...

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